Pig sick of Swine Flu

Over reation  
When I arrived at my childminders this morning she anxiously opened the door and said she needed to explain that NHS direct had told her her son might have swine flu and so she was not sure if I’d want  my 6 year old to go there today.She was however puzzled because she had rung up NHS direct because the lad had an asthma attack and a slight (very slight temperature). At this point all hell broke loose and she was advised to get on to the GP (the out of hours service) and get Tamiflu. She was even told that no one in her house should leave the house to go and get the tablets and the should not have contact with anyone.By this morning when I arrived all sign of the fever had gone and her son was well and showing no indication of flu- yet she was uncertain if he should go to school or whether she should have other children in the house because of the mention of swine flu by nhs direct.Now what happened here is not isolated. Over the last 3 weeks I have come across over reactions in this way multiple times. The result is worry and panic and anxiety. What seems to be happening is that  either NHS direct are not following protocols OR they have ones that are so broad that anyone with a slight temperature gets dragged into the Swine Flu protocol and once down that path you are bound to be given Tamiflu.Our guidlines are clear. If you do not have a high fever (over 38.5) you dont have Swine Flu. If you do have  a temp you still need several other flu symptoms for it to be likely. Even then most cases (the VAST bulk) are mild and dont need anything other than usual flu treatment and a few days.

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