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The Story behind the amber treasure

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

From The Amber Treasure:


“I will take care of the body of my lord and you can carry the sword, story teller.For all good stories are about a sword.” 

Cerdic is the nephew of a great warrior who died a hero of the Anglo-Saxon country of Deira.

Growing up in a quiet village, he dreams of the glories of battle and of one day writing his name into the sagas.

He experiences the true horrors of war, however, when his home is attacked, his sister kidnapped,his family betrayed and his uncle’s legendary sword stolen.


Cerdic is thrown into the struggles that will determine the future of 6th century Britain and must show courageousleadership and overcome treachery, to save his kingdom, rescue his sister and return home with his uncle’s sword.


The Amber Treasure is historical fiction set in Dark Age Britain in the chaotic, brutal years of the 6th Century

I find this time period fascinating.The period of history following the departure of Romantroops from Britain in about the year 416 and lasting until the reign of Alfred the Greatalmost five hundred years later, represent the most poorly documented in the historyof Britain. Enormous changes overtook the Island. Large parts of the country passedfrom the domination of one race to a completely different one. Place names, history,culture and language were swept away. Invasions, battles and wanton destructionraged across the land as never before, or after.In this time, there would have beenheroes and villains. Legends would have arisen. Folk would have spoken with familiarityof battles and warlords, as we today talk of celebrities and sports teams. Amongst all this,normal people lived normal lives. People were born and died. They lived and loved,as we do today.Yet we know almost nothing about these people. That seems unfair to me- so I decided to write a fiction set in this time.

Its about treachery and loyalty in dark age Northumbria.

Hope you enjoy it.

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